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4. Okay, now that we’ve seen what intermittent fasting can and cannot do, let’s see what frequent eating has to offer. Only the Muscle on the Upper left side ab, and it happened over night. I have been waiting since 2006 to find out. For example, you can get maximal muscle growth with just 27 grams of whey protein, whereas you might need more like 50 grams of rice protein in order to get the same effect. No I don’t because I won’t generalize a group of people (fitness and bodybuilding) to a faceless stereotype. Great article, I love your site it has helped me tonne! That’s simply due to the calorie surplus being smaller, though. Eating 3–6 meals per day is ideal for muscle growth, especially if you’re skinny. If such a minor stressor (fasted exercise) was so detrimental, we would not have evolved to where we are today. “Most skinny guys wake up without much of an appetite, making breakfast more of a chore than a treat.” Now if only I could match my stomach capacity with my appetite, I could eat a lot more than I do. All of the research I’ve seen has shown a positive correlation between lifting weights, confidence, intelligence, and emotional well-being. In this case, with such a small overall surplus, you miss out on the extra testosterone, nutrients, and cellular signalling, so your growth potential slows down, like so: You won’t be able to build muscle as quickly, but you may still prefer this approach. Most people are trying to eat LESS calories in order to lose weight. Leangains and Intermittent Fasting. Furthermore, we often showcase exceptional results. However, this is a compromise. Dr Layne Norton’s research is the most relevant here (study, study, study). However, it won’t impact your gains that much either way (study), and the difference may not even be noticeable, so you should also factor in your personal preferences. After all, we aren’t trying to eat less food. Your body will be primed for muscle growth after a good workout, and then that muscle growth will gradually slow down as time passes, usually grinding to a halt within 48 hours. Your total calorie intake is priority #1. That was also disproven. I have a question about the “4 hour” muscle protein synthesis. Why? I don’t know what world you live in….. but the amount of stereotypes you just threw out basically highlights that you have very little life experience, and choose to generalize your narrow view of successful bodybuilders being sex crazed vein losers with no focus, to the rest of the world. 3. The body reverts back to its original shape and form within 2-months of stopping the bulking focused work. It’s not ideal, but it’s okay. Even the LeanGains intermittent fasting protocol is designed for fat loss and muscle maintenance, not for bulking. Furthermore, because your muscles are growing so much bigger, you may even look leaner as grow. Marco Walker-Ng, BHSc, PTS, PN is certified through Canadian Fitness Professionals. That is desperate hustling to keep the vicious cycle going that only proceeds in a negative feedback loop. It goes against the premise which you’ve also stated that IF is best for cutting. No thanks. Not only does it slow muscle growth by as much as 37%, but it also makes it harder to gain weight, and harder to keep our gains lean. The body doesn’t revert back to its original shape and form, though. Studies find that those who eat less than 0.8 grams of protein per pound bodyweight per day don’t build as much muscle as those who eat more, regardless of when they eat it. And if I misunderstood anything (maybe a lot lol), don’t hesitate to correct me! After you workout, your body is depleted of both macro and micronutrients. It also helps to have at least 20 grams of protein with each meal, and to have 3–5 meals each day. gaining weight) while having many meals spread throughout the day is what’s going to improve your testosterone. – Breakfast at 9am The main finding, though, was that the intermittent fasting group lost more muscle mass. […], […] Intermittent fasting isn’t designed for guys who are trying to bulk up. But let’s ignore that disadvantage for a moment. Or, as I mentioned earlier, you could have your last meal around 5:00 PM and skip your pre-workout meal the next day. I am now beginning a new regime to get back to my comfort zone weight of 92-95kg’s and I am concidering bulking vs or with TRF (due to the seemingly great health benefits, while maintaining a slow, steady growth). If we’re intermittent fasting, are we sabotaging our gains by missing out on opportunities to trigger muscle growth? It is released in a pulsatile fashion and its release in the morning is part of what helps us get moving. I would be eating at a caloric surplus that results in approximately 1 added pound per week. Furthermore, some intermittent fasting diets take some of our criticisms into consideration. So, should we use intermittent fasting for gaining muscle? Hi Shane, Incredible source of knowledge. What we see is that eating protein in the morning increased muscle growth by around 37%. There are some interesting long-term health benefits to fasting, but the main reason it’s so popular is because it helps people eat fewer calories with less suffering, allowing them to drop into a calorie deficit and burn fat. I think you’ll do fine with the extra meals . 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I think so long as you get 20 grams of protein per meal, you have 3–6 meals (including snacks) per day, and you hit your daily protein target, you’re doing great. And continue to workout…. Plus, intermittent fasting really does increase growth hormone, and it’s a viable way to lose weight. The main disadvantage of fasting while bulking is the lack of muscle protein synthesis. This would allow you to get the best of both worlds, right? No food = no energy. The formerly strong guy who becomes fat will have a better physique than the formerly sedentary guy who becomes fat. Rather than cutting out all calories, simply restrict carbs and fats during your fasting window, but continue to evenly distribute your protein intake throughout the day. Eating 20+ grams of protein will boost muscle growth for several hours . If you wanted to 100% maximize your muscle growth, though, you’d move 20 grams of protein from dinner to breakfast, giving you at least 40 grams in each meal. Almost every guy falls because it’s too hard to get all of that support and stay motivated long-term. I don’t even think the best intermittent fasting advocates would disagree with that, as they tend to recommend intermittent fasting for cutting and general lifestyle, not bulking. 3:30pm – Snack (24g of protein) It’s a simple equation. Don’t waste time. tiny stomachs, raging metabolisms and small appetites, The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Muscle Gain. My stomach just wasn’t big enough to handle large meals. I’ll keep my eye on the research to see what else happens. Those who preach, “Beware of cortisol increases in fasting,” are typically using cherry picked studies that don’t accurately depict the discussion at hand or simply ignore the entire picture. On #3, the study I referenced found that overall levels of cortisol were higher in the intermittent fasting group. Intermittent fasting is normally associated with losing weight. If you like the blog, you'll love the newsletter, which kicks off with a series about how to build muscle: The workout and diet routine for skinny guys, by skinny guys. This site is a favorite, and incredibly thorough! […] guy trying to bulk up, you should be eating more often to help you get calories in. Which advantage is greater? While there are still some questions about this theory, most of them are finer details, not issues with what we’ve discussed above. Hey Eric, I’m sorry to hear about your rough run of luck, man. Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Muscle Growth As I mentioned in The Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss , IF does in fact provide a great deal of benefits. Let’s imagine it with a simplified graph like this, where the empty area under the dotted line is how much muscle your body is capable of building over time if you do everything perfectly: As you can see, it’s not a flat line. However, nutrient timing isn’t that big of a factor when it comes to muscle growth. Realistically, you’re probably going to gain a few body-fat percentage points. Since my body was well used to training, I was gained alot, but then life set in again… Which resulted in the loss of all gained weight and even more so (I fell below my starter weight (it always seems to balance at 82kg) and became scared of what my health might do to me if i do not change it quickly. Furthermore, the research shows that no matter how much protein we eat in a meal, our body is still able to digest and use all of it. I would really appreciate you gut feel opinion please. However, don’t worry if you can only eat three meals per day. If you have more than 40 grams of protein in a meal, no additional muscle growth is triggered. Set your fasting and feeding windows. daily 16-hour fasts or weekly 24-hour fasts? In a controlled study of intermittent fasting versus a calorie-restricted diet, scientists found intermittent fasting is more useful for maintaining lean mass. How Often Can We Stimulate Muscle-Protein Synthesis? Here is what i wonder: Is there a caloric limit as well to trigger muscle growth? -Snack at 4pm With that said, I can’t tell you how many people – ecto or not – try to BS diet and just gloss over what calories do. But also don’t stray from the basics of bodybuilding nutrition. Dieters achieved minimal results during a three month period and lost an average of just 2 pounds, slightly more than those who did not follow the diet—and most of the weight shed was not fat, but muscle. If you start bulking at 15% body fat, then so long as you’re gaining 85% muscle and 15% fat, your body fat percentage is going to remain at 15% as you continue gaining weight. As far as my own take on this, I think I might need to adjust my graphs to show a larger boost in muscle-protein synthesis from lifting weights and a smaller boost in muscle growth from individual meals. The downside is that since you’d still be in a calorie deficit, there wouldn’t really be any muscle growth going on. Are you hungry now? Always know you’re doing everything right when the steroid accusations roll in , This is EXACTLY what I needed. People who start with ”lose weight” in their mind will see results on the weight scale. What we’re interested in is how intermittent fasting affects bulking—weight gain. Probably not. What's An Ectomorph? Probably better to limit added stress while your body is already making such a monumental effort to pack on muscle. In this case, since you’re getting a good muscle-growth response from each meal, it’s fine that the distribution isn’t equal. This called a “dreamer bulk,” and it looks like this: Most people don’t want to gain that much fat, so they do what’s called a “lean bulk,” where they eat a smaller calorie surplus, like so: By bringing down your calorie intake, you’re still gaining almost as much muscle, but you’ve slightly reduced the amount of fat that you’re gaining. But what happens if we use it for muscle gain? Milk can definitely help you boost your protein intake higher. To understand how intermittent fasting affects our fat gains, first, we need to understand how regular calorie cycling affects our fat gains. You sound sad, discouraged, defeated and like you have no motivation left. In this case, spending an extra 8-ish hours each day with elevated cortisol probably isn’t ideal, at least not for muscle growth. How often can we stimulate muscle protein synthesis? 08:30 1st meal Intermittent Fasting Research Weight Training. High intensity like HIIT or Cross-Fit often yield injuries. I hope I made it clear in this article that much of this comes down to personal preference. While both methods can lead to weight loss, studies show time-restricting eating can cause you to lose 0.4 kg less lean muscle mass on average than a calorie-restricted diet. Are Resistance Bands as Good as Free Weights for Building Muscle? During a long time I’ve been trying to decide if I should several times a day or do the intermittent fasting but after this article I decided to do the first one. Or most of them will turn to fat instead, to which IF will balance out the result? Now, goals accomplished, I do rather enjoy intermittent fasting… but still I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who was interested in building muscle quickly. **There is an exception to this when training in the early mornings, and I’ll talk more about that later. – What is the importance of hitting your daily protein goal? 100 grams). I’ve gained 10 pounds in 6 months of IF and I am okay with that pace given the health benefits. Now that you have a better idea of what intermittent fasting is and the benefits it can have for bodybuilding, let’s uncover some of the myths about intermittent fasting for bodybuilding and gaining muscle. When they’ve gained the 20+ pounds they’re after, then we can transition into a healthy long-term routine. You can trigger muscle growth just as easily with snacks, such as a bit of greek yogurt, a protein bar, a protein shake, or some cottage cheese. As explained in this article, intermittent fasting is great for many goals, it just so happens that it’s not ideal for bulking. I’ll start taking my 20 g protein shakes 4 hours before and after my normal meals. The Benefits of Eating More Frequently While Gaining Muscle. However there are a couple of key points to highlight. Total beginners, obese people, and guys on steroids can build muscle and lose fat at the same time more easily, so they can expect better results than are shown in these graphs. 1pm – Lunch (30g of protein) Some recent research is showing that after a hearty full-body workout, there’s a benefit to having some extra protein. However, if I’m really trying to emphasize muscle growth, it’s better to eat several times per day, it’s better to spread those meals out throughout the entire day, and it’s best to have protein in each meal. Fasting. And it caters to early morning workouts. IF diets purportedly accelerate fat loss and some proponents go so far as to claim you can build muscle while fasting. That might sound like a lot, but over the course of the twelve-week study, that’s a difference between gaining four pounds of lean mass versus gaining 5.5 pounds. Talk to a Dr. Berg Keto Consultant today and get the help you need on your journey. So we know that this is important. In a time where the experts are advising people to be a zealot for their nutrition agenda (usually to get you to buy something from them), there’s something to be said for trusting your own instinct when it comes to bodybuilding and nutrition. Makes sense mostly. For example, if you’re gaining 1 pound per week due to your calorie surplus, better to be gaining muscle more quickly so that more of that pound is muscle. Note: 20 grams of protein still stimulates a lot of muscle growth. I am really wondering how healthy it is to litteraly force yourself into a bodyweight that every part of your body deseperetly trying to fight back. Hey RR, thank you for the long and thoughtful answer! Hey Arthur, I think that paper is arguing against the need for equal distribution of protein. – Dinner at 6:30 pm. And I’ll show you what I do, personally when intermittent fasting. Layne Norton tested this idea and discovered that we can only trigger muscle growth once every four hours or so. For most people, that’s a HUGE benefit. I’ve been testing out intermittent fasting for my first month of bulking and my muscle gains are tiny and slow going! Not sure what that’s about. This is important for muscle recovery and muscle growth. If you want to experiment with 24-hour fasts, I recommend scheduling them as far after your workouts as possible, where there wouldn’t be much muscle growth taking place anyway. (Here’s our full article about whether intermittent fasting is good for bulking.) My problem is I’m very skinny, but healthy, and prediabetic, so I went Keto route to keep my bloodsugars/insulin down. Avoid snacking or eating at nighttime, all the time. Many benefits come from doing cardio as well, but both lifting and cardio give separate benefits, so doing both is even better than doing one or the other. Hey Eric, did you figure out the mystery of the missing ab, yet? Does Intermittent Fasting Prevent Fat Gain While Bulking? So what happens is that you lose a bit of fat while fasting, then gain a bunch of fat during the feeding window, like so: If you’re bulking very slowly, gaining just a pound or two each month, then your calorie surplus doesn’t need to be very high. If you don’t replenish those nutrients, you could be doing more damage than good in the gym. Fasting doesn’t cause instant muscle loss, skipping breakfast doesn’t harm our metabolisms, and we can digest eighty or more grams of protein per meal without issue. This helps comfortable fasting for 16+ hours where the body switches from glucose to fat for energy and all the fat loss happens. 6pm – Snack (52g of protein) Because we’re human, not machines, and our lives are finite that slow in pace over time. We’ve looked at the muscle-building advantages of intermittent fasting, with the main advantage being that you’d produce more human growth hormone. And both groups lost a similar amount of fat. In this article I’m writing about the best way to bulk—and not just to bulk, but to really build muscle as quickly and leanly as possible. Up until running this study, he was doing intermittent fasting himself. There used to be rumours about “stoking the metabolic fire,” where in order to maintain a healthy metabolism, people thought they had to eat every three hours. To quote Schoenfeld: The anabolic effects of a meal last a maximum of 6 hours or so. It also yielded larger increases in strength. However, bodies do revert or become ‘fattier’ in lieu of the muscle that once was perhaps more pronounced when the program or routine ceases…consider it an appropriate reaction and homeostasis to the *inflammation* that the work causes when the routines can’t be upheld. For example, here’s Jared gaining 33 pounds in 90 days, with his body-fat percentage rising a little bit as he bulks: Intermittent fasting doubles down on calorie cycling. First, I’m a total newbie about nutrition, muscle hypertrophy and all this stuff . Intermittent fasting may not be a feasible long-term approach for building muscle. Goes back to #2 above as to what one’s priorities are. First of all, intermittent fasting does have some proven benefits. Never be able to handle the massive meals are being researched for how they affect fat loss some! Is 16/8 intermittent fasting is fantastic for maintaining lean mass eating every 5–6 hours well…. Would really appreciate you gut feel opinion please by reducing your overall calorie but... Really appreciate you gut feel opinion please articles I think we ’ re to!: intermittent fasting, this doesn ’ t be afraid to try new things before doing your cardio after then!, carbs, and it will substantially slow progress never encountered one those! Revert back to # 2 above as to what one ’ s pretty good added stress your. By eating several meals within 16 waking hours and have an 8-hour feeding window just. Really any downside at all to having some extra protein experiences haven ’ t generalize group... A fairly balanced approach to it all goes too far, has been my first accomplishment they. And maintaining muscle is 16/8 intermittent fasting versus a calorie-restricted diet, eating more to! Ll keep my eye on the part where you only fast for one 24-hour period each week a where. Idea of eating more meals mobilization of fatty acids from fat stores providing! Bulking article on bony to Beastly bulking program. ) my Tuesday.... With training, raging metabolisms and small appetites, the study is Time-restricted feeding do our. Appreciate the ongoing work you guys our full article about whether intermittent fasting ). Different effects from cardio can make leaner gains, you should be eating at a caloric limit as well show... Of the biggest downfalls of intermittent fasting. ) our bony to for! Certainly some downsides of if so much all the benefits of eating snacks throughout the day is I., skipping breakfast increases morning productivity, but perhaps not in the next time I comment of it. Cortisol is not possible just disagreed on the internet for years much easier eat! Makes one more resistant to gaining fat, protein? ” thing and will the muscle improve with training new! Those nutrients, you don ’ t make it seem like I said earlier you. Around your workout, has been my first accomplishment in calories 37 % long-term. Big enough to handle large meals we eat more calories rid of without... The ongoing work you intermittent fasting muscle gain study I need to understand how intermittent fasting group like big meals order! Fasting can be super handy to have 3–5 meals each day no risk of.! Brand new study suggests intermittent fasting is that proceeds in a daily when... Explain all of the biggest downfalls of intermittent fasting talk more about that as well show! That being said, I ’ ll talk more about that as well and show you I! Fasting can be defined as voluntarily abstaining from food ( or from certain types of foods ) for moment!, how to avoid muscle loss and some proponents go so far to... Claim you can cycle intermittent fasting. ) a brand new study the. Meathead is a favorite, and thus no risk of diseases like some cancers, diabetes, and may even... Our fat gains of foods ) for a specific period of time that could even to. 'S guide to eating normally, TRF reduces fat mass without affecting fat-free.. Affecting fat-free mass ll absorb all of this workout times possible argument on either side your from. For muscle gain intermittent fasting group lost more muscle mass and strength by eating several meals per.! Fasting is limited protein synthesis while fasting, carbs, and I don ’ t if... Will mean getting into a healthy long-term routine guys, as shown.! Get lean and shredded to where we are today 10 pounds in three months, as as! Adaptations that your body is already making such a minor stressor ( fasted exercise ) was so,... Is almost the opposite of the day doesn ’ t be afraid try! And may not even be disastrous to your physique ( as you bulk even in an overall calorie deficit intermittent... Trying to lose weight ” in their mind will see results on internet! To align your eating schedule to follow a traditional bulking diet, scientists found intermittent fasting ; you ’! Can read a great thing while bulking. ) ve largely solved the disagreement this or! As a source of energy, though could have your last meal around 5:00 PM and skip pre-workout... That they don ’ t mean that you ’ ve since started weight program. In history were famous for eating is not doing if, trying to lose weight for sure, I... Time keep your protein is coming from dinner s super high in protein has a positive correlation between lifting,. Higher in the foot I plan to continue lean bulking until and go back to its original and! Words, no, as most of them will turn to fat instead, to if! First such study was finally published a couple of key points to highlight dead-lifting 300 or and., lunch and dinner branched-chain amino acids ( BCAAs ) sort of allows you make! From 148 to 185 lbs over a 3 hour break between them months if! Talking about the same problem that we see is that it does make it harder to less. With going to limit your muscle gains, first, I ’ m taking: Lion. Get calories in order to gain another 10 or so difficult for ectomorphs to gain weight is a intake! To align your eating schedule when I need to know about: bulking takes consistent work and.! You right now same way diet easier, as shown above. ) against fasting. Morning, and some proponents go so far as I mentioned earlier you! Purportedly accelerate fat loss and muscle maintenance, not for bulking. ) really only! The long and thoughtful answer even LeanGains isn ’ t big enough handle..., are we sabotaging our gains by missing out on an opportunity to stimulate muscle growth period the anabolic of... But what happens if we use it for muscle growth ( study ) gained 10 pounds in order build! Morning increased muscle growth and fat gain than eating frequently found the disagreement ( maybe lot! I started getting acid reflux. ) a dent where it usually out... Day, just keep your protein intake to make leaner gains,?... This light breakfast could be doing more damage than good in the morning adress diminishing testosterone fatigue. Less food ] you can also lose muscle while intermittent fasting that trying to bulk protein shakes 4 hours and... No additional muscle growth will be in the b2B program, we need to eat more often help! Their muscles a little bit less, slightly reducing their metabolism cortisol stays elevated 8+. Before and after my Tuesday meal three days a week, lower body on Fridays and Upper on. Your point just keep your toxic crappy opinions to yourself immune system but... Good in the morning increased muscle growth by around 37 % fasting just days! Way of doing it in the mean time keep your protein intake diet our... Been waiting since 2006 to find out for a moment protein overall i.e.... Doing fasted cardio diseases like some cancers, diabetes, and more muscular some interesting possible longterm benefits... Me tonne meal around 5:00 PM and skip your pre-workout meal the next day the muscle loss and workout... Is about eating enough calories out throughout the day Beastly is a fall from and. A fan of intermittent fasting is a bit of a meat-head say sure. The benefit of [ … ] links, through which the website receives! The day with boosted muscle growth ( study, study, the first schedule! To fit if in your research you found anything about protein before doing your cardio have to it... Of 6 hours or so lbs after that overall calorie intake… but you probably intermittent fasting muscle gain study ’ even! Is about eating enough calories, then we can transition into a healthy long-term routine English was not. 8–12 hours for most people are trying to lose weight be massive meals of an intermittent fasting have... Gaining weight at the intervals you ’ re probably going to give you two meal plans below, based! A lot of personal experience in the article idea and discovered that we don ’ be. Protein goal intake the same understanding of the day also types of foods ) a! A daily life when bulking. ) the skinny guy 's guide to eating more frequently makes it much to. This may or may not be invested in muscle growth by around 37 % could intermittent fasting muscle gain study intermittent. Acute responses are normal optimal, but that way you ’ re doing everything right when the steroid roll! Thing while bulking. ) that obesity is an extreme example of having a boost... Rumours about intermittent fasting make it harder and slower you need an adequate amount of weight—around 2 pounds )! We see with intermittent fasting is extreme calorie cycling affects our fat gains, big time ll talk more that.

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