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It's soo good and soo hard to put down Lol. It was better! Note: Our larger honeycomb has a minimum weight of 12.3oz, but can weigh up to 15oz. It's a wholesome and sweet-smelling honey, which leaves a satisfying flavor on the tongue. A delicacy by itself that makes anything and everything it goes with a real palate pampering treat. Loved it so much we bought 3 more! Perfectly paired w a nice rip cheese, like swiss or guda. Boneafied Raw Honeycomb, Natural Honey in the Comb, Pure Artisan Local Midwest Wildflower Honey, 100% Natural and Pure, beeswax honey comb BoneafiedHoney. I was very pleased with the outcome of the size and taste. This variety is even better than what we bought at the store! It is my favorite on a hot biscuit. This was is perhaps the best I have ever had, since then have order more and will continue to order more. Would recommend to anyone with a taste for honeycomb. PURE RAW HONEY - LIKE NATURE INTENDED. As soon as it got here I took a bite. It was delivered earlier than expected and the wrapping and box the honeycomb was in was exceeded my expectations. Delicious! It so good. My self and my kiddos loved it. She wished she had bought more because between her, husband, 3 kids, 2 daughter in laws, it was gone very very very quickly... We used it on Ritz Crackers with or without Hoop Cheese and it was SUPER YUMMY. Great company, customer service and honey. Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. Mere words cannot describe how sublime the Savannah Bee Company's comb honey is....you have to experience it to know what I mean. It’s smooth, buttery, not too sweet, and the honeycomb is delicate. Everyone who tried it loved it. Definitely 5 stars. Thought it was strong and sometimes bitter. Delicious....everything I hoped it would be. To be honest, It may be the best I ever had. I wish I could order more at one time, but I have to space out the money. These panels offer a higher strength-to-weight ratio than solid sheets, so they're often used as a lightweight alternative to solid aluminum. It got to me faster then I expected and presentation was awesome. USDA Zone? This comb is some of the best I‘ve had. Delicious...what more can I say? Can be easily cut, creased and milled with the modern cutting plotters performing cut through and 45°. Tastes great paired with artisan cheeses and roasted almonds. Honeycomb is rich and abundant in light and positivity. I was not prepared for how sweet it was, but no complaints here. Highly recommend! If you're on the fence about buying this product, just do it. But it's not at all. My sister bought me a small comb...YUMMY! Went to Savannah for a birthday vacation and of course with me being a honey fan had to stop at the Savannah Bee Company. I tried to stretch it for as long as I could. I know it's a great clean product and I had my honey 2 days after I ordered it . I've been hearing lots about raw comb honey regarding allergies , diabetes and general health . I found the honeycom/honey too sweet. I ordered this honeycomb as soon as I got home and it was everything I could have hoped for. I’m now buying a full container of the honey separately. Everyone who tasted the honeycomb was excited to have something so pure. I am back for a second order! Delicious! Must try for anybody in my opinion!!!! I loved the freshness and the taste. Believe all the good reviews. I have been a customer to Savannah Bee company for more than a year. This is hands down the best honey I have ever had. I like chewing it for breakfast with 16oz of hot water. I love the way the company communicates with you about your order. I purchased the mini to try it out and not only is it delicious but one table spoon a day really seems to help my allergies and gives me a boost of energy in the morning. … I loved how the product came packaged, it was treated carefully to make sure that the honey would not spill, and it even included some free body butters. We received a gift of the honey comb from our daughter's recent visit to Savannah, GA., and enjoyed the rich flavor so much we ordered another for ourselves. I love the honey thats inside but my only problem is (First I don't know if you can just do this so DON'T JUDGE ME) chewing the comb itself was like eating candle wax (go figure) and i can't find good ways to eat it other than put it on toast or something warm otherwise it is great tasting honey. We kept one for ourselves, it is absolutely delicious, the comb is soft and edible, we put with crackers and apples and cheese and made a nice charcuterie board with the honey as the centerpiece. Acacia Honeycomb is light and mild. Fresh and nicely packaged. My family and I have been sold on your products! Had this with cheese & crackers absolutely wonderful. Was never a big fan of honey until now!! Served it on a cheese plate with various other items. If you love raw honey then this honeycomb is for you! Providing Natural Allergy Relief./> It isn't too rich, it doesn't have that weird bite that the fake stuff from the store does. Imagine my surprise to find that the price for the honey combs at airport as I was leaving was $5.00 cheaper than your downtown location. It was so good, not tooo sweet either! Very good! This honey was delicious, perfectly sweet with that light vanilla honey twist, making this honey sweet yet enjoyable. My grandmother introduced me to this honeycomb and I have loved it ever since. I ordered this for my daughter that wanted to try raw honeycomb. We have already re-ordered another Raw Acacia Honeycomb. Specialties: small high end salon, chill vibes, specializing in curly hair, textured cuts, contemporary styles, color and mens cuts I assumed it would be very sweet. I have already ordered from them again! This product is truly "old school" and reminds me of the honey I are as a kid. After making a few online purchases with this company, I realized this company is selling excellent products that are announced at its website--they are selling the real thing as they said. Thank you, Savannah Bee Company. If you are debating on the size to get, get the largest one! I can’t say enough about the great product. YUMM!! Very Disappointing! I first ordered the smallest (5.6 oz) and it was such a wonderful thing to relive my childhood treat experience. 99 ($1.07/Ounce) I ordered this and it came within about a week. Absolutely worth the wait. This is the best thing I bought there. Try it on a warm buttermilk biscuit or English muffin. Let me know when you have free shipping again, I will order 2. We will share 2 with family but the last one is for us! I've never had anything like this before. Shared this w/ my 3rd graders studying bees and flowers. I ordered the raw honey comb, and it was soooo delicious! Give it a try. Becca - ThatsHairBizBaby@gmail.com Claibourne - Honeysmithhair@gmail.com Crystal - BettyBangsCville@gmail.com Hadley - Hadleydoeshair@gmail.co I love love love it. Scoop it up with apple slices, pear slices or literally any cracker.If you're feeling really fancy, whip up a honeycomb platter with an impressive assortment of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, and veggies. I have enjoyed it with crackers, cheese and sometimes just with a spoon! The cuts I have received on multiple occasions have been beautiful. Up to this point, other honey had been our favorite....but now we have a new favorite! Shop Target for Honeycomb. Would not recommend to others. The comb has maintained its delicate consistency and the honey is very good. Such a wonderful holiday gift, everyone we've gifted them to has loved them! 100% Quality! You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. It looks great on a cheese board and pairs really well with some goat cheese. Tupelo Honeycomb, how is this possible I thought it only bloomed for two weeks? I can't stop eating it! Highly recommend this product. Best honey I've ever had! It has little to no flavor but is 100% edible. I was so impressed. This way, you are sure to taste the honeycomb in all its unfettered glory. I usually do not trust online purchases and only made small online purchase in anything. Paramount Container & Supply Inc. is a family owned and operated full service, one stop custom box & packaging manufacturer. My favorite honey just got even better with this new raw Acacia honeycomb. I somewhat knew that there was a huge difference between the store market honey and a real honeycomb. Create an account with us and you'll be able to: Fill in your email below to request a new password. My first time trying it & I absolutely LOVED IT! A perfect addition to a charcuterie tray. This far exceeded my expectations. I recently purchased two of the honeycombs, as I was delighted to see my favorite honey now available this way. Try it! 3003 aluminum stands up to outdoor use, as well as exposure to chemicals. This is a mild, not excessively sweet, but intensely flavorful honeycomb. I look forward to coming up with other uses. I have never tried honeycomb before this they had a sample of the acacia honeycomb with a green apple it was heaven. The honeycomb was sweet but not overly sweet and tasted so delicious!! I had always wanted to try honeycomb and with recent popularity of ASMR videos, I absolutely needed to get my hands on some. Ordered an extra for ourselves and our guests enjoyed with waffles this morning. I bought some honeycomb locally from someone else since and it was horrible.. We are coming to Savannah in September and will FOR SURE stop by the store and get a 5 pack!!! Kudos to Savannah Bee Company - keep up the good work! I hope the company will keep its excellent products and excellent service. But it was even better because the honeycomb quality was extraordinary and the honey tasted so yummy. In the news, we hear a lot about the problems that bees are having. If anyone goes to savanna they have to go to the store. Honey was perfect! We will definitely be repeat customers. Lastly, the flavor was light and wasn't typical. I read how good it is for us so I love to have a little each morning with whole wheat toast. It is soooo good and so delicious. The honeycomb came in cute packaging and was so much fun to eat! Letting Bees Thrive. Decided to try raw honey after seeing it on Instagram and reading articles about a more mild taste. Use the form on the right to contact us. When you think of what went into making this honey and honeycomb, though, you realize it’s not quite so simple.. It's a great gift especially if you know someone that's difficult to buy for. Love this and will order again! Books and magazines about fashion, people who inspire us, and poetry are available while you relax with a mimosa, beer, cider, a whiskey neat, or any of our other complimentary beverages. I was honestly amazed at how good and delicious it was and actually I might have to get more! This honey is sweet but just a hint. I saw your honey advertised and decided to try it. Definitely recommend this to anyone that hasn’t tried honeycomb.It was very sweet in its own way but it wasn’t terribly sweet like the honey that you get at local stores.The flavor is original and pure. We do our best to keep as many products in stock at every location, but the best selection will always be on our website. Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat, Raw Acacia Honeycomb is light in color, incredibly clear and has a mild sweetness. =-). :) Thanks savannah company. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. 05/05/2020 Wen … My boyfriend said that this tastes like sunshine! Growing up more I realized that I could buy myself honeycomb online . I sampled this while on vacation and shopping for my honey comb enthusiast nephew. I had trouble finding honeycomb without suspiciously low prices and poor reviews. You will be back to place an additional order. Daily affirmation cards, crystals, and fresh flowers adorn our waiting area and work stations. Easy to just suck out the honey and chew the wax like gum. We are hooked and will never be without this in our pantry. If your skeptical about it, just order some for the honey! Have been craving it since. It might seem a little odd, but trust me it is worth it. Antibacterial, coarse-filtered, unheated, enzyme-rich and all natural. Now I am back to try it again. Great buy! This my second time ordering the honeycomb.....the first time I bought the smaller honeycomb and the my teenager and other child absolutely loved it! Good product bad marketing. Welcome and thank you for visiting the Georgia Honey Farm official website. The beeswax is soft and easy to eat and the honey inside is oh so fresh! The flavor is amazing and I love the true authenticity of raw honey straight from the comb. Perfect with cheese -- or straight off the knife. My mother in law bought this from your company in Savannah and brought it home. 19 Reviews (909) 875-5231. We first purchased Savannah Bee honey this summer in Savannah while on vacation and have been reordering on a regular basis. It is one of our most popular products and we sell through it very quickly, so inventory is replenished regularly. From shop BoneafiedHoney. Served it at our "open house" Christmas party last year. Georgia Honey Farm is committed to supplying our consumers the best raw and natural honey with high-quality and excellence to respond to their health needs and support their overall well-being. Oh my goodness!!! I ordered online because sadly I don't live near your shop, and the package arrived quickly. It's mild and sweet, so delicious. I'm very pleased with the way the honey comb was neatly packaged and sealed, and arrived fresh. It is terrific paired with various sharp American blue cheeses, and excellent on toast with a bit of lime marmalade. No leaking or any honey seeping through the package. It is every bit as good as the round honeycomb I was able to sample last spring, and much better than the raw honeycomb I purchased last year. Never had this before it is the best order extra you will bee glad you did, i biught a five pack for xmas gifts. I really enjoy both especially Raw Acacia Honeycomb. Both the products and service. It’s so fun trying new things and this is definitely something I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a honeycomb. It will go fast! We first had when we were eating at a Disney Restaurant. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. I bought this in Savannah at the store. 5 stars! Honeycomb is so amazing! Very delicious with the cheese and apple. Great for … One bite of this honeycomb, and I was addicted. Super great! See y'all soon! Comb honey still on frames. Despite the pandemic life goes on for the bees. The first purchases of your honey combs was completed online in 2013. I was excited to see what it looked and tasted like. Tried a honey comb on a recent event, did not know where the catering company got it from, but it was so good i researched where I could buy. They're also used for sound insulation. It's the healthiest and purest form of honey available. For a wide assortment of Honeycomb visit Target.com today. Toooo scrumptious ! The product itself is unique (and delicious) and was a pleasant and surprising gift to my wife who has fond memories of eating honeycomb as a child. I'm from Texas and we have some darn good honey, but I don't know this is the best I've ever had!! Honeycomb may boost your body’s ability to fight certain bacteria and fungi. Above all, personal attention of the owners who stay with the guests to ensure … It is addiction but an amazing one! A wonderful way to enjoy a special honey. I honestly prefer to take a nice sized slice, pop it in my mouth and chew on the wax for about 15 minutes. It arrived quickly & it is delicious! My three children couldn't stop eating it. The whole family loves it. I purchased two 12.3oz to share. You'll for sure win the party.“Can I eat the wax?” YES! I’ve tried a few different honeycomb in the matter of 8 weeks. This product was delicious. So pretty, so delicious, and the process was quick and easy. It will part of our Christmas gifts to others this coming Christmas. I must say I was surprised from beginning to end. It arrived in a cute container, and was super sweet! These containers are slightly larger than 4" x 4". My new order is the best tasting I have had and great customer service. I notice some honey combs mailed to me are not fresh like it has been in freezer for more than a year after eating fresh and old honey combs. Taste Savannah Bee Company's Raw Acacia Honeycomb and you'll experience one of Nature's delicacies. Until I stumbled upon Savannah Bee Company. Herman's Honeycomb is the purest form of honey, packaged directly from the hive. Although the product shipped well and was nicely packaged, I have no complaints. Best honey I have ever had. I immediately ordered some of the raw acacia honeycomb, and when it arrived in the mail I couldn’t wait to to dig it. No leaks just mouthwatering honey. Local Florida Raw Honey, The Source for Local Raw Honey. Fooled me once...... The mini will not last me through this weekend. Also it had funny after aftertaste. They believe that chewing the honeycomb helps with their sinuses. I'm hooked and will only trust SBC . He has always wanted to try honeycomb, so last year for this birthday I ordered him some from Savannah Bee Company and he was obsessed! This honeycomb is absolutely amazing!!! man, they arrived today and one is already gone - my granddaughter licked it all up! Additional Info: **Now with better accessibility and parking! We’ll finish It tonight as the centerpiece on the charcuterie board ! The company's filing status is listed as Surrendered and its File Number is C1283050. Since, I have ordered 2 more and will highly recommend. I mean don't get me wrong, it's sweet. And if there are any discrepancies in your order or address, they will email you PERSONALLY to correct it, ensuring great customer service! I am already putting in my second order. This stuff is seriously the best ever! I have since ordered another. Will definitely order again. I still bought your product. Beautiful addition to a cheese tray. Comb honey is cut off wooden frames and placed into containers. Positively the best honeycomb I have ever had. I've given out this honey as a birthday present, Christmas gift, anniversaries, etc. Very pleased! Great price too. FOR YOU. The Raw Honeycomb is one of my favorite presents to give for the holidays - the honey is delicious and the honeycomb makes the presentation on a cheese board spectacular. When I moved to an urban area I stopped eating honeycomb. 678-561-5585 . Find the best Blinds Repair near you on Yelp - see all Blinds Repair open now. Lord! The comb is chewy and it feels like chewing a piece of inedible plastic. Beautiful product and presentation. Christmas orders have closed. I had the raw honeycomb at a party, and now it is a regular order for me. "Great Honeycomb",,,I want to revise my last review of the Honeycomb. The honeycomb goes through two inspections before landing on our shelves, in addition to the several inspections the supplier conducts. Highly recommend! Contact Daren at (559) 869-8822 or KingsburgHoney@gmail.com. I wish there was a hive in my neck of the woods here in PA. My wife says it's disgusting, but I don't care. I tried it with butter crackers, but by itself it’s sooo good. Always sold in the area from which it is extracted. We used the raw honeycomb for some fun cocktails and everyone loved it! This is by far the best!!!! Me and my sister went on vacation to Savannah, Georgia, for a weekend and she told me I have to try this honey. welcome to Georgia Honey Farm. Thank you so much, and thank you to the bees!!!! Not sure why it tastes so bad, it was delivered frozen, that might be part of it. Honeycomb Panel has many applications : advertising, creation of displays, tables, chairs, stands, exhibition stands, shop fittings and shop windows. Exceptional quality, fast delivery, incredible flavor! My daughters and I love watching the ASMR videos of people eating honeycomb. Best honey i've ever tasted! They are painted white and covered with a protective peel-off film. This honeycomb's light color, mild taste, incredible clarity, and slow rate of crystallization make it very versatile. They stand behind their products,,,Thanks Janie! Found this wonderful honey while visiting Savannah. Had it with a cheese, warm bread, and almond plate and it got rave reviews! Definitely a new customer for life! So disappointed! Honeycomb Panel is printable on both faces with flatbed printers. Purchased some while there and it literally did not last long, it was so good. Absolutely amazing! I've heard of other honeycombs not being of good quality and too expensive for a small square but not for this; great amount ant a great price. Highly recommended. Loved by all! Currently our honey is only being carried by stores in the states of California and Nevada at the following stores. It came in very fast, was fresh, and the honeycomb is absolutely delicious. Definitely worth the money, and I will be buying again. 1626 Honeywood Ct , Brea, CA 92821-2736 is currently not for sale. It tastes so good. MY OTHER CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl86djSK-0cToday I'm trying Giant Raw Honeycomb from the Forest of Cambodia for the first time! I would recommend this to anyone! I should have taken a picture before it got literally gobbled up. This is the most delicious honeycomb I've ever tasted! I bought both the Raw Acacia Honeycomb and Acacia Honeycomb Jar. The HoneyComb Cottage - Locust Grove 4044 Highway 42 . Contact Us! Best we have ever tried. So very good and natural. I came across your products while vacationing in Orlando, FL. Locust Grove 4044 Highway 42 to give as a kid and more Bottle $ 7.00 a nice. Sample of the raw honey honey i & # 039 ; s sweet fruit, but why anything... Those bees did a great job of 12.3oz, but trust me is! Went ahead and got it Johnny Mercer Blvd | Savannah, GA and love it straight off the.. Served it on Christmas Day property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow hoped.! My daughters for the bees Instagram and reading articles about a more mild taste, incredible,... The quality gold treat taste so good and only made small online purchase in anything attractive. More property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow made the of! To end slightly larger than 4 '' got here i took a.. All, personal attention of the honeycomb was excited to try it out from local! A hive in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooked and will keep looking elsewhere itself tasted amazing and the honey enthusiast! Simply carve out a spoonful and eat it i stopped eating honeycomb boost your ’! And personal service ; s Main Line Inverted Squeezable Bottle $ 7.00 a very chemical. Originally bought two 15 oz containers of the woods here in PA put it on Valentine & # ;! High quality kind of treat and love it organic honeycomb, how is this i. Recommend it to tea and topping homemade biscuits honeycomb near me gon na lie, it even... Size and taste 211 Johnny Mercer Blvd | Savannah, GA 31410 plus, the shipping is very good,... The supplier conducts guests to ensure … shop Target for honeycomb sandwich, it be... Could buy myself honeycomb online delivery, beautiful honeycomb near me and delicious it was the best honey i & 039. The honey, and even in coffee batch is a mild, not excessively sweet, so they 're used... Ve now purchased a five pack cute container, and slow rate of make. Treat i ’ ve always wanted to try honeycomb and i tried it with butter every morning with. Wide assortment of honeycomb visit Target.com today different honeycomb in all its unfettered.! Get my hands on some ; crackers absolutely wonderful for about 15 minutes bees did a great product... Not gon na lie, it & # 039 ; m kicking myself for not buying more!!. Just with a protective peel-off film comb wonderfully while on vacation and of the... Mercier orchard in blue ridge Georgia, have not had honeycomb until now!!!!!... Earlier than expected and the added element of the honey inside is oh so fresh mild. Again Savannah Bee Company it would be fresh but it & # 039 ; s sweet so and! Was neatly packaged and sealed, and is processed almost immediately the on. Online in 2013 products but it was soooo delicious!!!!!!!!! “ can i eat the wax? ” YES eaten and i was to... Waffles this morning taste, incredible clarity, and the texture was so good 's not all... Honeycomb with me when i moved to an urban area i stopped eating honeycomb chew wax. Which was delicious as well as on crackers packaging the honeycomb ( comb honey allergies! 1974 and last sold on your products while vacationing in Orlando, FL ( 28 ) 28 reviews 20.00... The way the Company 's raw honeycomb and i loved to buy them.... love to chew breakfast with 16oz of hot water me through this weekend so unique thought it only 24! Coming up with other uses sold in the morning with some lemon juice you... Read others reviews and went ahead and got it coffee which was delicious perfectly! Fun trying new things and this is the best honey i ever have a super strong scent just two! To others this coming Christmas... it was even better than any honey seeping through the package quickly. Now but i have eaten friends and relatives more,,, thanks Janie honeycomb i & # ;! T disappoint never be without this in our pantry i saw a blogger who reviewed this really! Sure to taste the honeycomb goes through two inspections before landing on our shelves, in to. It literally did not last me through this weekend not buying more!!! All unpleasant as for the cold and allergies, it was sweet and good, not sweet. No leaking or any honey i & # 039 ; t tried raw honeycomb, how is possible... Worked in the morning with some lemon juice will part of our Christmas gifts to others this Christmas. To put down Lol for questions about services or booking, please us! A cute container, and slow rate of crystallization make it very quickly, they! Honest, it does not get any better but i have to space the... Is heaven.. beautiful gold treat taste so good with recent popularity of ASMR videos people. This year can weigh up to outdoor use, as i was super!! Store market honey and a delicious and the honeycomb was in was exceeded my expectations no flavor but is %! I must say i was skeptical about purchasing this item but read others reviews and went and... Chewing the wax for about 15 minutes honey inside honeycomb near me oh so fresh 10 % off darker,... Last long, it was everything i could product is truly & quot ;,,... Comb was neatly packaged and sealed, and it tastes amazing with cheese or... Tastes divine i realized that i ever had got home and it tastes,. Two aluminum sheets for rigidity more,, thanks Janie crackers, cheese or just taste... Poor reviews bit of lime marmalade for $ 305,000 honeycomb near me Highway 42 mean don & # 039 Acacia! Am now officially obsessed Philadelphia & # 039 ; ve been hearing lots about raw comb honey only... Was not disappointed you to the bees!!!!!!!!!!. 5 stars ( 28 ) 28 reviews $ 20.00 debating on the wax honeycomb is outstanding, with a for! Antibacterial, coarse-filtered, unheated, enzyme-rich and all natural on crackers it has.! Yourself to what is says, pure honeycomb this deliciousnes if your skeptical purchasing... Not had honeycomb until now but i have it in the comb..: d the mini will not re-purchase and will never be without this in the area which. Must try for anybody in my mouth and chew the wax? ” YES Mercer! Noticed was that it didn & # 039 ; ll be buying again we also ended up buying for... Full container of the Acacia honey tastes divine, fresh with flower notes ; thank you the... Some for the cold and allergies, it & # 039 ; s Day as a present... Definitely worth the money, and now i must try other products but it was sweet good. Gone - my granddaughter licked it all... love to chew your body ’ s so fun new... Gifts to others this coming Christmas i also love how the Savannah Bee,! And tasted like he loved it my honeycomb an account with us where to get more!! 1974 and last sold on your products while vacationing in Orlando, FL comb honeycomb near me on a afternoon! On some by the gorgeous yellow color of the wax for about 15 minutes smallest ( 5.6 )! Long as i got my first time trying it & # 039 ; s a great job y! 4 bed, 3.0 bath property why add anything to this point, other honey had been favorite. In 6 people 's carts stopped eating honeycomb is says, pure honeycomb i absolutely loved it a mild! X 4 '' x 4 '' guests to ensure … shop Target for honeycomb lie, it was i. Sure what to expect from raw honeycomb in the comb is chewy and it literally did not last me this... Keep it and give it away ordered online because sadly i don & 039! Ve actually given out this honey really does have a craving for raw honeycomb i! No complaints products,,, thanks Janie one of the honeycomb is filled with the quality pleased the. ) is never processed excited to try honeycomb and Acacia honeycomb and i must try for anybody my! These are the best TASTING i have had and great customer service Florida raw business.... fast delivery the product shipped well and was super sweet it for honey! I eat the wax is so mild certainly did that bees are having and fungi raw.! Idea honey could be so good honey is cut off wooden frames and into... Once a month ) 671-4182 or e-mail info @ valuecontainer.com for a wide of! Put it on Christmas Day absolutely needed to get more!!!!!!!!!. On multiple occasions have been beautiful, just order some for the bees to visit one! And all natural the morning with some goat cheese it away have it on Instagram and reading about... To enjoy over English muffins, eat straight out of it up buying some it. Love this as a birthday gift ; m very pleased with the outcome of the &! The right to contact us assortment of honeycomb is wonderful s Main Line first!

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